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Why are REVIEWS so IMPORTANT to Independent Bike Shops?


Leaving a 5***** Review is so important as this in turn recommends our people to shop with us, so we can stay open serving the community.

- Anything other than a 5***** Review at Krankz is not acceptable, so please contact us first for us to help resolve any issues, and bump that review up to a 5 star.

Reviews help Independent Bike Shop get noticed, and help us stay in business against the bigger faceless corps. 

They show that we are trustworthy, and doesn't everyone want someone who is trustworthy to take care of your biking needs, whether that be repairs, servicing, selling you a quality but competitively priced bike, or item for your bike? So you know you're not being taken advantage of, I know I do. 

They encourage others to come and visit and take a chance on their Independent Bike Shop, or Service & Repair Centre, or MTB Suspension Service Centre, again so they survive the bigger companies (where you don't get the services that IBS provide). 

There are many different places you can leave Krankz Reviews, but preferred sites are Google &, as these are the driving sites behind the reviews. 

If you have a Gmail Account please click HERE to leave your Google Review

If you have any other type of email account, click HERE to leave your Review

All reviews need to be confirmed by your email (so if you leave a review, please check your inbox/spam/junk mail to confirm the review). 

And, if you do happen to leave Krankz a Review i would like to say a massive THANK YOU for taking time out to help me out, it is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks Phil, 

Krankz Bike Shop & Service Centre