KMC Missing Link 9 Speed, Re-usable Chain Links, Anti-Rust, Pack of 2

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KMC Missing Chain Link 9R EPT Silver

Size: 1/2" X 11/128""
Pin Length: 6.6 mm

Suitable for use with KMC 9-Speed Chains, Shimano 9-Speed Chains and SRAM 9-Speed Chains

  • EPT, Superior Anti-rust Protection
  • Re-usable

We have equipped a large number of KMC chains with the "Missing Link“ chain lock for easy chain replacement at the end of their life cycle or for disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. Please note that all e-Bike chains are equipped with a Non-Reusable MissingLink.


KMC are often asked, "How long does a chain last?" Even they cannot make a generally valid statement here. According to their experience there is a range of 700 km in extreme e-MTB use up to 17.000 km on the road.

The chain wear depends especially on the following parameters:

  • Individual shifting behaviour (frequency, chain line, shifting under load)
  • External conditions (wetness, dirt, sand, salt)
  • Maintenance and care
  • Interaction of all drive components
  • Intensity of motor support for e-bikes with mid-motor

Benefits: Functional, easy-to-use, durable.

Based on more than 40 years of experience KMC is the world’s largest chain manufacturer. We, the people behind the brand, have a clear focus: The best possible product for your demand. Our chains feature 100% functionality, easy handling and maximum durability. Constant innovations underline our claim to be a true market leader in chain technology.

Producing chains is a complex process, however KMC’s aim is very simple, we produce bicycle chains: For any system, For any bike, For any purpose.