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Ride, Perfected

Italian Road Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes, and Gravel Bikes

While there may be hundreds of brands and thousands of models bicycle frames are not all created equally.

Here at Basso we believe that the frame is an extension of the cyclist and as such it must be made to a higher standard.

Extreme attention to detail and a holistic approach is necessary in order to have an extension of the cyclist that is not merely a compliment to the rider but an improvement to his or her own capabilities.

Like the tool of an expert craftsman, the finely made Basso frame is meant to confer heightened capability, inspire confidence and earn the trust of its owner. Confirming its value kilometre after kilometre the Basso frame is a choice for those who expect something more for their cycling experience.

There are many choices but for the discerning cyclist who wants to

R I D E  B E T T E R,  R I D E  B A S S O ...

Geometry: All bikes have their own Geometry, only Basso has Basso Geometry

Innovation: More substance, less marketing, better bikes

Construction: Made to Race, Made to Win, Made to Last, Made by Basso

Paint: Don't judge a book by its cover, unless its Basso

Authentic Italian: Made in Italy, Made with Italian Pride


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