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Phil Morgan; Ex-Rugby Player turned Independent Rider-Owned Bicycle Mechanic for Road Bikes, MTB Mountain Bikes.

Qualified Cytech Master Technician (the highest)Shimano Certified Mechanic, and Wheel Builder to DT Swiss Standards... VERY Happy with that!


My qualifications include Di2 Shimano, and e-Tap SRAM, Advanced Wheel Building and Full Suspension

Bikes, Cycling, Rugby & Squash have always been a passion of mine...,

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I played Rugby Division 1 for appx. 15 Years, #Ospreys supporter,... (my wife #Scarlets) but live on #scarlets ground!

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I've been riding bikes since the age of 3, working on bike's since the 90's, and it was a passion of mine that I always wanted to take the plunge to become a Bicycle Mechanic, and then dreaded... COVID-19 happened. Time for me re-evaluate life, & with the love & support of my wife and my family I have finally made my dreams come true & gone full-time into becoming a bicycle mechanic. 

I am aiming to provide the local community with the BEST Workmanship, Quality Repairs, & Products.

I am a perfectionist, and always provide high-quality workmanship, and have been commended in my employment to support this, always give 110% in everything I do. 

I welcome any Feedback & Comments, and constantly improving by training & learning, and I hope you will support me, and local businesses! 



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phil-morgan-shimano-mountain-bike-mtb-certified-mechanic.jpg   phil-morgan-shimano-shoes-and-pedal-certified-mechanic.jpg

phil-morgan-shimano-ssc-basics-certified.jpg   phil-morgan-shimano-steps-and-nexus-certified-mechanic.jpg


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shimano-basics-30-oct-2020-46fef8b2.png workshop-30-oct-2020-4649e573.png road-disc-brakes-28-oct-2020-fbf4aa4b.png mountainbike-30-oct-2020-4ce96b4f.pngexplore-beyond-30-oct-2020-f1542477.png


,and if you stayed to listen to me showboat about me & my qualifications, AND got to the bottom of the page a MASSIVE THANKS for reading!